Prepress project management


Project Management

We offer clients an all-inclusive service. Our proactive account managers work closely with authors, publishers and printers from manuscript to final product, all at a very competitive price.

Our dedicated team are focussed on delivery of a quality product from start to finish. Central to this success is the proactive communications culture at Datapage which leads to potential problems being spotted and resolved, earlier rather than later, at critical times during the project.

Prepress project management

You have a single point of contact with a client-focussed team leader. We ensure that the right systems and people are in place to implement your requirements. We conduct regular review meetings with the client and prepare regular status reports.

Project management includes all or some of:

Initial design
Copy editing
Artwork generation & scanning
Proof reading/Quality control
Author correspondence
Status reporting
Delivery to printers/online
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They have consistently hit deadlines and have
built an excellent working relationship with our
editorial team.

Glyn Porritt
Adam Matthew Digital