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Prepress Workflow

We offer clients an all inclusive service. Our proactive account managers work closely with authors, publishers and printers from manuscript to final product, all at a very competitive price. Datapage has automated the production workflow as much as possible over the years so as to achieve consistency of output and high efficiencies in order to be competitive.


Central to this is the production of an error-free XML file early in the workflow. The validated XML file becomes the basis for automatic page composition.

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Templates are designed for each journal or book, laying out text, tables and artwork in a manner that requires minimal intervention from the operator. File correction is always carried out on the XML file via Athena, our XML authoring/editing tool, and pages are automatically generated from the new file. This ensures the accuracy of final electronic and print products of XML and print PDF files.

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We consider Datapage one of our most economical, reliable, and high-quality production partners.

Janet Sasser
The World Bank